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I'm alive~

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 13, 2013, 10:49 AM
Sooo, I finally thought about updating)))
(i know i know, not so many care)
Buut, as some general info, I had a nice and productive July. There was a group of korean students...(ehh...Shinyoung oppa~) and we had a lot of fun.
AAAND we played in photoshop))
i guess i'll upload all the stuff i did at those lessons))

that's all for now. AI LAV IU GUISE~

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United Kingdom
Hello World! I'm a potato! I came on Earth with peace)))
anyways, as it took me ages to find something interesting to begin with, I'm going to write here anything that crosses my mind.
sooo, i guess you're reading this because the first lines caught your eye and you want to get to know me better, OR the first lines caught your eye and you want to find some more silly funny things here...
ookay, EGGPLANT!!! and yes, I do enjoy randomness))
Here, have 15 facts about me:)
1. My full name is Ana-Maria, but most of my lazy-ass friends call me Amy
2. I have 3 great wishes since I was a little child: fly to Mars, drink tea with Johnny Depp, aaand the last one's a secret hehehe. None of these has changed(too much)
3. I play the piano since I was 5 years old>>and that's why I have long-long fingers(no, not grim reaper-long-thingers like), which I am very proud of.
4. I'm silly, but not as silly as others tend to think.
5. I haven't talked to my neighbours for 6 years, though they live nextdoor.
6. I can't imagine my life without cats(not in the crazy-cat-lady-with-no-life way :D). I grew up with cats by my side and my lovely kitten is like a brother to me.
7. I've been raising Samson, my kitten, since his birth, and even fed him from a syringe. He'll soon be 1 year old *pride*
8. I'm half-atheist, I guess?
9. I believe laughter can cure anything.
10. I don't like the (bright) pink colour, and one of the few ways I accept it's existance is in pale tones and/or in combination with grey.(not so girly, ehh?! :])
11. My cousin asked me once what my favourite words were. Since then I keep remembering funny words in different languages: cucumber, eggplant, cupcake, banana, Lebensmittelladen, snickerdoodle, Schmuck, and even Donaudampfschiffahrtgesellschaftskapitän(I like saying it out of the blue:D:D:D)..can't think of others right now...~
12. I tend to refer to animals with "he/she" rather than "it". Also I order inanimate objects to stay still when they are about to fall.
13. I've a cactus called Johnny.
14. I hate darkness, because I watched "Dracula" when I was 3 yrs old, and my imagination decided to take its revenge for the rest of my lifetime)))
15. and apropos my imagination, i guess it has no limits. I can clearly imagine things from pink unicorns who work for Winx(oh my greatest nightmare...his name was Pon-Pon) to serious stuff as complicated projects of stuff that never existed))
Here!! I hope you had a nice time reading err...THIS :]:]

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